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Results You Can Trust from the People You Know


PCGS Currency is the market leader in third-party grading and authentication, grading more than 700,000 notes since founded in 2005.


  • The only true third-party Currency grading service to publish written Grading Standards


  • Our processes ensure that all notes are graded accurately and consistently.


  • A true impartial third party opinion, backed by our grading guarantee. 


Professional Currency Grading® Service
Grading and Authentication

Sample PCGS Currency Graded Note

Collectors Club

Members of the PCGS Currency Collectors Club enjoy many exclusive benefits, including direct submission privileges, free grading vouchers, monthly specials and more. Sign up now!

Set Registry

The PCGS Currency Set Registry (Patent Pending) allows you to showcase your PCGS-graded currency in a safe environment. In the Registry, you can:

  • track your inventory
  • build sets
  • compete with others who share your love of the hobby!

Start your set now!


Modern MAY-hem                                 

For the month of May, we invite our Collectors Club members to submit any modern U.S. notes (series 1957 to date) with a maximum value of $500 per note at a discounted rate.

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2015 Collector's Choice Award... Cast Your Vote!

Every year we struggle while trying to determine the winners in the individual Set Registry categories. We are overwhelmed and impressed with each individual set as we watch them grow and improve. While no one can deny that each winner chosen is deserving of winning, we thought that we again award a "Top Award' to the Set Registry- an award chosen by you!

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How Franklin Thwarted Counterfeiters

Benjamin Franklin’s Philadelphia printing shop made plaster molds from pressed sage leaves to create metal stamps for marking foliage patterns on Colonial currency. The distinctive contours of leaf spines, stems and veins were meant to thwart counterfeiters, and Franklin’s workers managed to keep the casting technique a secret that has puzzled modern scholars, too.

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Joshua A. Norton, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico

Beginning on September 17th, 1859, the United States was unofficially "ruled" by Joshua A. Norton, a penniless San Francisco oddball who, in a fit of inspired lunacy, declared himself "Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico". In 1871, he went so far as to issue and print his own money! 

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