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PCGS Currency Holder Description

When it comes to protecting your investment for future generations, there is no safer way than with PCGS Currency holders.

  • Unlike other companies, PCGS Currency is the only grading service that encapsulates notes in Mylar-D®, the safest and best archival material for long-term storage and the only material now used by the Library of Congress and the Smithsonian Institution to store priceless historical documents
  • We are also the only grading company that encapsulates each and every note by hand. Each note is holdered with care, and there are no machines involved in our holdering process.
  • Our specially designed grading label and partial open-top holder allow notes to "breathe," thus preventing the paper from deteriorating due to lack of oxygen
  • The specially designed tamper-proof label identifies key information regarding the details of your note as well as ensures its security

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